SPCP Welcomes Students with a Prayer Service

SPCP Welcomes Students with a Prayer Service
by  Mr. Danielle Bombita

On January 7, the Christian Formation Office, headed by Sr. Elsie Aque, SPC, conducted a prayer service as a means of welcoming the Paulinian community for the year 2019 in the school gymnasium. There were student-representatives from the Basic Education Department who represented the 3 Magi. They led the symbolic offerings of each unit which symbolize the students’ New Year’s resolutions. The prayer service was ended with the prayer for and with the Youth (Prayer for the 2019 Year of the Youth). As a conclusion, the Basic Education Principal-Directress, Sr. Bernadette Padawel, SPC, delivered her New Year Message for the whole Paulinian community.The said event was also in celebration of the Solemnity of the Epiphany.

Symbolic Offering of the 3 Kingsa

King 1 (Senior High School): I bring to you the Hearts and Minds of the Senior High School Students as we prepare for the future. We fully resolve to be conscious in expressing our faith, to be resilient visionary and innovator, to be productive expert and implementer, to be trustworthy team builder, and to be a supporter and Steward of all Creation.

King 2 (Junior High School): I bring to you the Hearts and Minds of the Junior High School Students. We fully resolve to be a Christ-centered, self-directed learner and role model, to demonstrate our creativity and charism, to be adept performer and achiever, to be credible and responsive communicator, and to be caring, committed advocate for peace and universal well-being impelled by compassion and charity for all.

King 3 (Grade School): I bring to you the Hearts and Minds of the Grade School and Preschool Pupils. We fully resolve to have a deep personal relationship with God; to have a sense of responsibility and accountability; to have a respectful attitude toward all persons; to have an active participation in programs that support our learning; and to imbibe the Paulinian spirit of being warm, active and simple and being “all things to all men” like the apostle St. Paul.

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