By Sophia De Vera Grade 10 St. Matthew

“Jesus Christ is a member of your family. He is there, and
that is what makes a family strong.”

             ~ Rev. Fr. Kevin C. Crisostomo

 In the midst of the pandemic, families are preoccupied with different things. Some are busy in the radiance of technology, a few are still adjusting to the new normal and the online interaction, others are into personal matters or relationships, and there are those who are dealing with challenges of varied nature.  But, God made a way to reunite the Paulinian families once again.

The 2nd Virtual SPCP Family Day took place last February 12, 2022 with the theme, “Pamilyang Paulino: Stronger at Home.”  The Paulinian students and families of St. Paul College of Paranaque, together with the school administrators, faculty, staff, and guests gathered virtually via Zoom to bond with one another and celebrate the gift of family.


The event commenced with a Eucharistic Celebration in thanksgiving for God’s grace. It was presided by Rev. Fr. Kevin C. Crisostomo at St. Joseph Parish in Tambo, Paranaque and live streamed in the Facebook page of St. Joseph Tambo Parish. In his homily, the parish priest highlighted “What makes us family?” and emphasized that being fully alive and fruitful families can be nourished by eating together, praying together and hearing Mass together.

Joy and happiness filled the program proper. Everyone radiated excitement and energy in participating in the event.  The program began with the opening prayer led by Maria Margaux Bago and the welcome remarks by our beloved School Directress and Basic Education Principal, Sr. Bernadette Padawel, SPC who likewise affirmed that this year’s family day is a GRATEFUL CELEBRATION and THANKSGIVING for all the FAMILIES’ BLESSINGS  especially during this pandemic – It is amazing that most of the families are coming out from the pandemic happy and stronger families at HOME.  Afterwards, fun activities took place.

 The first activity was the family coloring contest. It showcased the creativity and candidness of the participants as they colored the face of the members possessing the descriptions enumerated by the engaging game host. The responses allowed the families to know each member in a fun and amusing way. The second event was the “Guess the Title of the Movie” contest.  The student participants, especially the little ones, excitedly named the titles based on the clues given by the host.  The entertaining song presentations of the grade school and high school students in between the games added color to the program


The most awaited parts were the raffle draw and the announcement of winners. Among the family pictures sent for the Best in Costume contest, 6 entries were chosen as winners.  Two employees also received a prize for wearing the best cartoon character costume.  Nineteen families were given a prize in the family coloring contest and 9 students were awarded for guessing the movie title correctly. A total of 114 lucky students and employees won in the raffle.

 The closing remarks of the PHO president, Mrs. Gretta De Leon, concluded the celebration followed by the closing prayer led again by Maria Margaux Bago.

The event was hosted by Sophia Marie De Vera, Mrs. Maria Anna Lou Perena, and Mr.
John Edward Cabling.

Everyone really showed enthusiasm during the entire family day celebration. They enjoyed and participated actively throughout the program. Truly, the Paulinian spirit is unstoppable despite the limitations of the online setup. More so, this event reminds us that we should spend time and bond with our loved ones despite our busy schedue because our family is a great blessing from God.  

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