The Christian Formation (CF) Program which is fundamental to an Integral Paulinian Formation defines St. Paul College Parañaque as a Catholic school. The program is designed based on the Church’s vision of Catholic education aligned with St. Paul of Chartres Education Apostolate, the Paulinian Formation Program and the SPCP Vision-Mission.  This holistic formation for discipleship, excellence ad mission is summarized in the five core values of Paulinian Education: “ APaulinian is a Christ-centered person, who impelled by the love of Christ  (Charity), uses one’s gifts (Charism) for the service of the church and society (Community), unto where one is sent for a mission (Commission). (Paulinian Formation Program, May, 2018)

CES (Community Extension Program)

This is an extension of the school to people not necessary belonging to St. Paul College of Parañaque academe. The CES is programmed and supervised by the Christian formation core team to cater to people’s various needs in health and sanitation, awareness and assistance, values formation, livelihood training and assistance, religious formation, coiso-cultural development and physical fitness, the Paulinians learn to deeply integrate and make alive truths of Catholic faith.

The Religious Education Program

Being the core of the school’s curriculum, it provides students with doctrinal, moral and sacramental foundations grounded on Sacred Scriptures, Church Teachings, Morality and Human experiences.

Catholic Christian values permeate the curriculum with the infusion of the Five Paulinian Core Values namely: Christ-Centeredness, Community, Charity, Commission and Charism through the application-to-life aspect of CLVE lessons.

"Drop Everything Pray, Thank, Share" (DEPThS)

We drop everything (classes, tests, experiments and other activities), that is, we stop and spend time with God to pray ( pray to Him as a class, and as a small Christian community) to thank ( appreciating God’s blessings) to share (share our faith stories, our experiences of God)

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