The GIFT Program or Giftedness Instruction for Talents Program aims to refocus the child’s interest, skills and talents, develop them and eventually will bring about the unique giftedness in them and will boost their self confidence and self-esteem.

It is a curricular innovation aimed at discovering, re-discovering and honing the student’s innate talents in the various fields of the arts and sports.

More than the integral formation of the school’s curriculum, the GIFT is a response to the challenge providing truly integrated development among young Paulinians. The GIFT program is designed to recognize the talents and skills of students and focus on extensive development of one’s giftedness. God has given us a gift to develop, share and bless others with it. This program serves to provide rigid trainings to students to become champions that may pave the way for a source of living in the near future.

Badminton Table Tennis

Basketball Taekwondo

Indoor Games Volleyball


Fine Arts Creative Talents and Skills (FACTS)

Ballet                                               Playing Musical Instruments

Culinary                                          Voice

Music Ensemble                            Pas Des Tous (Dance Group)

Public Relations Unit                    Public Speaking

Paulinian Liturgical Ministers     Paulinian Link

Handmaids of Mary                      Young Environmentalists Society

CFC-YFL                                           Student Coordinating Council

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