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3rd Child at SPCP


4th Child at SPCP


5th Child at SPCP


ESC Guidelines

Selection of ESC Grantees


  • Elementary graduate from a Public or DepEd Recognized Elementary School
  • Incoming Grade 7 student
  • Has not been a recipient of the ESC in the previous school years
  • Filipino citizen
  • ESC application Form (Downloadable)
  • Recent Identical 2×2 ID photo (2 copies)
  • Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Certified Birth Certificate
  • Grade 6 Report Card
  • Proof of income
  • School Committee evaluates application


Amount of ESC Grant per Grantee

Grade Level

Schools in the National Capital Region

Schools in Highly Urbanized Cities

Schools in All Other Location

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Php 13,000

Php 13,000

Php 11,000

Php 11,000

Php 11,000

Php 11,000

Php 8,500

Php 8,500

Php 9,000

Php 9,000

Php 8,500

Php 8,500

Terms of the ESC Grant

  • Covers four years of junior high school starting from Grade 7
  • The grant remains in force for the next school year
    • If the grantee is promoted to the next grade level
    • Enrolled in an ESC – participating JHS
  • The grant is terminated if a grantee does any one of the following:
    • Drops out for non-health reasons in the middle of the school year
    • Does not reenroll the following school year
    • Fails to be promoted to the next grade level or is retained at the same grade level
    • Is suspended for more than two (2) weeks, dismissed or expelled by the school for disciplinary reasons; or
    • Transfers to a non-ESC-participating JHS
  • Transfers to another ESC participating JHS are allowed.
    • In cases when the applicable subsidy amount of the releasing school is different from that of the accepting school, the accepting school will be paid lower of the two applicable subsidy amounts.
  • Grantees that drop out due to death of a parent or guardian, force majeure, prolonged illness, or accident
    • May be reinstated into the ESC program provided they submit documents to support their claim.
  1. Automatically Qualified Students

Students falling under the categories below automatically qualify for vouchers and  are considered qualified voucher recipients (QVRs). They do not need to apply for vouchers.

  • Category A: All Grade 10 completers in Public Junior High Schools (JHSs)
  • Category B: All Grade 10 completers in State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Local  Universities and Colleges (LUCs)
  • Category C: All Grade 10 completers in private schools that are Educational

                                            Service Contracting (ESC) grantees

  1. Voucher Applicants (VAs)

Only students in this category need to apply for vouchers and are thus termed voucher applicants (VAs).

  • Category D: All Grade 10 completers in private schools who are not ESC grantees and wish to avail of the voucher subsidy in order to enroll in a non‐DepEd SHS.

NOTE: The following students are not eligible for the SHS VP:

  • Those who graduated High School in March 2015 or earlier
  • Grade 10 completers who completed Grade 10 before or after SY 2017‐2018
  • Incoming Grade 12 students who were not part of the voucher program in Grade 11
  • Non‐Filipino students

Location of non‐DepEd SHS

Category of QVR

Voucher Amount

Voucher Amount if the SHS is a LUC or SUC

National Capital Region (NCR)


Highly urbanized cities (HUCs) outside of NCR


All other locations

Categories A or B

Categories C, D, E


Categories A or B

Categories C, D, E


Categories A or B

Categories C, D, E














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