Coping with Stress: Yes, you can do this!

Written by : Mrs. Maria Henrietta D. De Leon

SPCP-PHO President- AY 2021-2022

Last March 12, 2022, Saturday from 1:30 to 4:30 PM, all the Junior and Senior high school students of our institution, had an unforgettable experience with an excellent speaker. They attended a webinar that discussed salient points about this most important challenging concern they are experiencing during this two year pandemic – STRESS! Everyone would agree that this pandemic had brought us to a new world wherein everything we do are far from the usual things that we used to do. From the face-to-face instruction with a very busy schedules of going to school, submitting requirements, interacting with classmates and teachers is now shifted into online learning platform. We as adults too had our fair share of adjustments too but as parents, we see to it that collectively we adapt to the changes, challenges and chaos brought about by this pandemic. Education still should continue and should be carefully planned to be able to address the needs of the students in achieving the needed competencies as prescribed by the Department of Education through the holistic formation that our institution.

By virtue of the results of the research, the young adolescents from ages 12-18 are the most vulnerable age group that experience stress in a variety of components. It was in this light that St. Paul College of Parañaque in partnership with the Parent Homeroom Organization organized the Wellness webinar, blessed to have Mrs. Thelma Singson Barrera, RN, MAN, MHPNS V as our resource speaker. Truly with her expertise she discussed these points: (1) What stress is all about; (2) Stressors and its sources; (3) How one can be affected by stress; (4) Coping and Stress Management Techniques; and (5) Self-Care Practices.

In summary, the students had some beautiful realizations in combatting stress, clarifications on stress management, strategies on proper recognition and right time to seek professional assistance were among the highlights that were emphasisized. Overall, we are sure that all the learnings gained by the students as well as parents will be put into practice and that a healthy mind and body will continue to prosper among Paulinians.

Sr. Bernadette shared too that helping our children achieve their best in school and at home, preparing them to meet the demands of the world, supporting their social, emotional, academic needs, training them to COPE effectively, GROW and THRIVE- make wise decisions in this trying times is worth a fulfilling mission. GIFTED PAULINIAN FAMILIES!

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